I’ve compiled a list of questions which I get asked frequently. I hope you find it useful….In no particular order…..

Do I need a guitar for my first lesson?

  • If you’re coming to me a guitar can be borrowed for the lesson, but home call lessons will need to have a guitar

Do I need to bring a Guitar for subsequent lessons?

  • Yes, You’ll always find it easier to practice and learn on your own guitar.
  • See the Links page for a new examples of cheap guitars to enable you to practice at home.

How much are lessons?

  • 30 Minutes – £13 (my house) or £15 (home visit)
  • 60 Minutes – £21 (my house) or £23 (home visit)

Where are lessons?

  • Lessons are typically at my house in a private room. However for a small charge I can travel to your house and the lesson can be in the comfort of your own home. I live in Filton, Bristol and will travel to the surrounding areas to provide lessons.

What types of guitar do you teach?

  • Acoustic & Electric.

What styles of music do you teach?

  • All types! from Folk to Blues, Punk rock and Johnny Cash. I’ll teach you your favourite type…whether it’s acoustic or electric

Do you teach left handed players?

  • Yes, Absolutely!

Do you offer lessons via Skype?

  • No, I prefer to sit with my students in person to be able to see and help them.

How do I book a lesson?

  • Just contact me , details here. We’ll hopefully setup a regular lesson pattern to get you learning quickly.

Do I need to commit to a contract for regular lessons?

  • No, theres no contract to sign. I work on trust and recommendations. You can stop anytime.

Do you teach guitar TAB?

  • Yes!, It’s a quick and easy way to help you learn guitar in no time!

Can you teach me my favourite song?

  • I can’t promise it in the first week, especially if it’s a Hendrix track, but that will be our goal and focus

How often should I have a lesson?

  • Once a week is recommended but for those with a busier schedule once every 2 weeks . Compliment this with some practice in your own time (about 10-20mins 5 times a week) and you’ll be playing in no time!

How much practice time do I need between lessons?

  • How long is a piece of string, the more you practice the quicker you will get better. 20mins 5 times a week leads to great progress!

Do I need any experience?

  • None at all!, many of my student start with absolutely no experience at all!

What days do you teach?

  • Monday -> Friday.

What times do you teach?

  • 9:00AM -> 10:00PM

Do you do group lessons?

  • Yes, I’ll teach small groups together. Contact me to book a group session in.

What ages to do teach?

  • I teach a wide variety of ages, the youngest is 6 and the oldest is 86!

What age should I start learning?

  • Your age! Any age is good age!

Do you do gift vouchers?

  • Not officially, but if you would like to book some lessons as a gift for someone I can arrange this.